What is Monkose™?

An all-purpose natural sugar, made from fruits and vegetables, used as an alternative to artificial intense sweeteners and to table sugar (sucrose). Table sugar and artificial sweetners spike blood levels, while Monkose sugar is metabolized through the stomach, which does not interfere with blood levels. 

What is the content of Monkose™?

It is a proprietary free flowing powder blend containing sweetners from fruits and vegetables such as fructose and monk fruit extract. It also contains an insignificant amount of anti-caking agent (that is added to prevent clumping in storage and it can be removed if requested by the customer). 

How is Monkose™ packaged?

It depends on the customer’s requirement; it could be available in boxes, bags, drums or individual sachets (subject to volume). 

What is the storage requirement of Monkose™?

Optimum storage conditions are between 20°C and 25°C (66°F - 77°F), less than 60% relative humidity and away from direct sunlight. Keep in sealed containers, as the product is hygroscopic (moisture loving).

What is the shelf life of Monkose™?

Minimum two and a half years (2.5 years) when stored as specified.

What is the cost of Monkose™?

It depends on the purchase volume, the package size and the packaging material. Monkoseᵀᴹ is an added value sugar therefore its price can not be compared head to head with other sweeteners/sugars. Example: when compared to sucrose its price is slightly higher. However, the cost saving is realized in the application as Monkoseᵀᴹ is used less in finished products by 20% to 30% based on its sweetness. Monkose™ is naturally sweeter than table sugar, which means you can use much less of it— one third the amount (This will save you money!!!).

How is Monkose™ used?

It is used just like regular sugar in hot and cold beverages, baking goods and other food applications. In addition, it is very compatible with nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional products such as protein drinks, sport drinks, snack bars, tea and coffee, etc. It replaces sugar or artificial sweeteners. Just pour to taste.

Baking with Monkose™

You only need a measuring cup to substitute crystalline fructose for granulated sugar. When substituting fructose for sugar in baked goods that rise, measure two-thirds cup of fructose for every cup of sugar called for in the recipe and make the recipe as usual. When substituting fructose in no-rise baked goods, use two-thirds as much crystalline fructose as sugar as called for by the recipe and set the oven 10 to 15 degrees lower than instructed. The baked goods will stay moister longer with fructose than they do sucrose.

What are the attributes of Monkose™?

  • High solubility in water
  • Low water activity
  • Low viscosity level
  • Excellent humectancy
  • High freezing point depression (protects textures in frozen foods)
  • Compatible with beverages, baking goods, nutraceuticals, dietary supplement and functional food products.
  • Has great synergy with nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
  • Sweeter than table sugar thus it is used at a lower rate, minimizing the caloric intake
  • Provides great tasting, smooth texture and pleasant after taste
  • Enhances flavor, mixes well with other sweeteners and starches

What differentiates Monkose™ from other sweetener products?

  • It has more differences than similarities compared to the nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
  • It is a great tasting sugar substitute and can be used just like regular sugar
  • It has a natural high degree of sweetness, rapid solubility and metabolic superiority
  • It does not have the health challenges experienced with Sucrose, with the artificial high intensity sweeteners i.e. Aspartame, and with that of the sugar alcohols i.e. Sorbitol
  • It is compatible with all sweeteners

What are the health benefits of Monkose™?

  • Natural
  • Low-glycemic index (GI)
  • Non-Insulin dependent
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Due to its high fructose content, Monkoseᵀᴹ does not stimulate insulin production or release
  • Monkoseᵀᴹ is metabolized through a different metabolic pathway as it does not dump into the blood stream and does not raise the blood sugar as glucose does
  • Monkoseᵀᴹ provides the body with a steady, low-glycemic energy source without excess carbohydrates
  • Monkoseᵀᴹ acts as a “buffer”, in a coffee drink, to reduce the adverse effects of caffeine while retaining the energy enhancement. Because of its fructose content, Monkoseᵀᴹ reduces the adrenal-exhausting response to caffeine— it helps avoid the caffeine crash.

Is Monkose™ low-glycemic?

Yes, it has a low glycemic load of less than 0.6 per serving. This is 3-times lower than regular sugar.

Is Monkose™ safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children unless determined otherwise by a healthcare professional.

Can I take Monkose™ with my medication?

Yes, unless determined otherwise by a healthcare professional.

Any other questions?

Email us at Monkose.Sugar@gmail.com, we'd love to hear from you.